About the Festival

Every year, choristers from university choirs around Australia (and on occasion from overseas) come together in one of our capital cities for the long-awaited IVCF, most commonly referred to simply as "IV" (Canberra IV = CIV).

Over a day or two some 100–200 choristers will descend on the city by bike, plane, train, bus, boat, van and car. The Festival generally begins with a rehearsal camp lasting for the first week of the Festival and involves day-long rehearsals bringing everyone rapidly up to speed with the music for the concerts. Along with the intense rehearsal schedule come the social activities such as the President's Pyjamas, the Revue Night, and Sculling.

When camp is over, the Festival moves back to the city, pushing the billeting capacity of the local choirs to the limit. The second part of IV sees more rehearsals, and also the major concert of the Festival. The social activities include the Academic Dinner, the Post-concert Party (PCP) and the Recovery Barbecue. At the dinner, speeches are made and the trophies for various events and awards are presented. At the Recovery Barbecue people say their goodbyes until the next time and head back off home.

Being part of an IV is generally held to be a fantastic experience, and one to be repeated again and again – indeed, there are many participants in IVs who are no longer attending their local choir but who still return once a year to be part of the IV community.

In the accompanying pages, you can read about the music and concerts we will be performing, the rehearsal camp. at which we'll learn most of the music, the various traditional IV events we'll be holding, and have some of the strange IV terms explained to you, and THEN, when you've decided that there's no way you can afford to miss this Festival, you can proceed to the registration page and sign yourself up!

If, however you're intrigued or puzzled or confused by anything, please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list and hopefully everything will start to make sense… If that doesn't help, feel free to email our friendly Convenor and he will lead you on the path to enlightenment.