Festival Events

As well as a lot of singing, IVs include a lot of opportunity for socialising and getting to know your fellow choristers. Some of the Festival's main social events are listed here.

Opening Night Party

It's the first night of camp and time for the first festivities of the Festival. Dress up in costume and catch up with old friends or make some new ones!

President's PJs

Prezzie's PJs is the time-honoured gauntlet of the choir presidents, to don and glorify the sacred pyjamas of rank! Come see your choir president prove him- or herself in a test of skill, daring, and absurdity, and win fame and glory over the other presidents.

"Boat Races"

Not that kind of sculling! There's no cox on these teams and not a paddle to be seen, but you might need strong arms to lift that glass and people do sometimes get wet! Choir teams, men and women, and individual big-mouths compete tonight to see who can drain their beer glass fastest. It's also traditional to wear your loudest, most colourful outfit to rehearsal the morning after sculling, so pack something painfully bright even (especially?) if you're not a beer drinker. It's a hangover cure! Chins on tables...face the water...scull!

Market Day

Market Day is a chance to get your hands on choir memorabilia from interstate choirs and past IVs, as well as a few special items produced by individuals. It's also a good chance for your choir to make a few extra dollars by flogging some society t-shirts, songbooks, CDs or other nifty goods.

Movie Night

Watch videos of festivals past, starting with the video from Sydney IV 2015. See what tips you can learn from old choristers of bygone eras, see just how much has (or hasn't) changed, and see who you can recognise when they still had all their hair!


Revue is a chance to show off hidden talents, or just have a bit of fun making a fool of yourself in front of your choral peers! This may be the perfect chance to show off your flugelhorn or yodelling skills. Each choir traditionally performs an act, and there's space for individuals and groups to do their thing as well. Funny, serious, talented or rubbish, everything is welcome at revue. Acts are judged by a panel of freshers, and bribes of chocolate, cocktails, massages and other services are highly encouraged!

Academic Dinner

This will be our chance to spruce ourselves up, wine and dine in style, present awards, sing our traditional toasts and dance the night away.

Pub or Coffee Nights

A more laidback approach to socialising in the second week, where you can enjoy a meal and a few drinks without having to wear high heels or a viking helmet (although you're welcome to if that's your thing).

Post Concert Party (PCP)

The PCP is the raucous unwinding after the performance. Celebrate having brought the house down without literally caving the roof in, have a few cocktails and congratulate yourselves on a job excellently done!

Recovery Barbecue

A chance to beat the hangover from the PCP, and say a fond farewell to all the friends you met at the festival, at least until we meet again in 2016.