Glossary of IV Terms

During the long history of Intervarsity Choral Festivals, tradition has resulted in one or two interesting terms/phrases being coined which have little or no link to their "normal" dictionary meaning (if indeed there is a normal dictionary meaning). This page attempts to explain some of these for the IV newbie/fresher.

Acts of the Choristers (noun)
A legendary IV revue night act by Jeff Christiansen.
AICSA (acronym, noun)
Australian InterVarsity Choral Societies' Association. An organisation comprising representatives of university choirs across Australia. The organisation's main function is to oversee the Intervarsity Choral Festivals.
AIVCF (initialism, noun)
Australian InterVarsity Choral Festival.
Bazza ((im)proper noun)
The definitive BOF and one of the original IV legends.
bazza special (extremely improper noun/verb)
Presumably named for its originator. Much like the Matrix, nobody can be told what a Bazza Special is - and we advise you not to ask.
boat races (noun)
See sculling.
BOF (acronym, noun)
Boring Old Fart. Usually used in a friendly sense to refer to some IV participants who have, shall we say, been around a bit longer than average - usually at least one and possibly several cycles.
CIV (acronym, noun)
Canberra InterVarsity Choral Festival. Formally, Canberra Intervarsity Choral Festival 2016 Inc.
cycle (noun)
The length of time it takes for the IVCF to circulate back to the same city. Usually seven years. The current cycle pattern is: Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Hobart, Canberra, and Perth. The last Canberra IV was in 2010.
fresher (noun)
A person participating in an IV who has not been to an IV before.
IVCF (initialism, noun)
InterVarsity Choral Festival. Often shortened simply to "IV".
legend (noun)
Also clarified as "IV legend". Refers to one of a handful of people who have achieved "legendary" status in the IV world, usually for a number of impressive achievements over the years. These people are the ultimate BOFs.
Presidents' Pyjamas (noun)
Also known as the "President's/Prezzie's PJs". A traditional, albeit fairly icky, IV event featuring the president of each attending choir (or a representative if said president is too absent or too cowardly (or both)), and pyjamas (one set for each president). See the events page for more information.
revue (noun)
Also clarified as "revue night". A traditional IVCF event, usually held at the camp, where choristers perform a variety of acts ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Much like a "normal" choral camp revue night, except more so. See the events page for more information.
sculling (noun)
Also known as boat races. A traditional IV contest for individuals and teams, involving speed-drinking (aka. "sculling"), usually of beer. See the events page for more information.